What Do Women Gossip About When They Talk About Casual Sex?

women gossipWhat Women Gossip About

As a man living in the UK, I know that UK women are the most chatting ladies on the planet. Even just the other day I was sitting at the pub and overheard the ladies at the table next to me gossiping about the personal life of the cashier at the local grocer. Can you believe that? Is that all they have to talk about? I always got surprised at how long my sisters would sit and chat in the living room as a teenager, and it seems that it’s just part of the fun of being a women.

In the dating realm, dating gossip and the question of what women think can be a real dating deal breaker. I don’t want to be with a woman who is doing more dating gossip with her friends than hanging out with me. And yet I have had a lot of girlfriends that just loved to gossip. I guess it goes to show what women think, doesn’t it.

Now, when it comes to casual sex, us guys gotta get informed as to what women talk about when they talk about casual sex. I know my town in the UK is pretty small. Word gets around when so and so is sleeping with so and so, so it’s pretty important to be up on all the gossip if you want to stay on top of the dating heap. That means being a solid gentlemen and having as good casual sex as you can, with any and all women. You can be sure that women will share any news about you that any one of them experiences. One awkward encounter and you are basically blocked from a whole community of women that like to gossip about casual sex more than have casual sex! Sure, I know it’s annoying. I know it’s a dating deal breaker for a lot of us chaps, but what can you do? You can get informed, that what I think. So in the interest of informing all you chaps about what women think and what women talk about I’ve put together a list of the things that women like to talk about. I’ve picked up this list from my sisters and my female friends over the years, who have told me all their secrets.

What Do Women Talk About?

First and foremost, women talk about how nice you are. If you are a standoffish kind of bloke who doesn’t give much time or respect to women, then you can expect there to be almost no options for you. Especially when it comes to dating gossip, actually. Dating gossip is predominantly about how you as a man treat your date. If you pay, where you take them, how nice you are on the date. It’s all based on how nice you are in general, so make sure to be on your best behaviour when dating a woman, because you never know what she will tell others about you. If you are wondering what women think, start by considering how to make a good impression. If you make a great first impression by being considerate and friendly, then women will think that you are always like that.

Casual Sex

Women talk about how you are in bed, that’s for sure. After casual sex with a woman, you can be rest assured that she will be talking with her friends about it the next day. So the pressure is on to perform in the sack! Dating gossip is less exciting for women to talk about than how you are in the sack. The way to impress her in the sack is to really take things to the next level by focusing on what get’s her off. If you are stuck in your own head the whole time you can bet your review will be pretty sub-par. You gotta put all your attention on getting her to have the night of her life. If you get into that mindset then she will give you a glowing review.

Aside from your performance in the sack, women also think a lot about how clean your room is and what your size is. While size matters less for women than you might think, there are still a lot of ladies that like to include that in their dating gossip or when just catching up. Talk about your size is one of the many things that women talk about however, so don’t worry too much. You can bet that word gets around about how tidy your room is as well. If it’s like a first year college dorm room, then you can bet no ladies you meet will want to come over. It’s on you to impress the ladies you have casual sex with no matter what. If you appear to be a slob to one lady, then all her friends will think you are a slob, and that’s no good at all. This applies to your facial hair and general grooming too, so make sure to shave everywhere if you want to impress a lady in the sack!