Rules Of The One Night Stand

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Hey, we’ve all been there. Think about the last one night stand that you had in the UK. Was it amazing? Did it come and go in a blur of sex? Were you left feeling totally satisfied and kind of wanting more, but knowing that nothing else can ever happen between you two? If you answered yes to all these questions, then congratulations, you’ve had a great one night stand that conforms to the rules of the one night stand. You might have been married and flirting, looking to cheat online, cruising through a bunch of different online NSA dating sites in England, or just after the most online cougars you can find. Whatever the circumstances, it was a great one night stand all around. That’s the kind of magic that happens once and awhile in the UK dating scene – the magic of the one night stand.

If, however, you find yourself saying no to some of these questions, it’s probably because the one night stand turned into something longer and confusing, more annoying than actually beneficial. It’s very possible that the online cheating you were planning on doing has actually turned into some kind of affair because the woman won’t stop messaging you. What could be more annoying than someone ruining a one night stand by trying to fan the flames of another night of passion. Nothing really, and that’s why I’ve put together some rules of the one night stand to help clarify what makes or breaks a one night stand. What I can say for certain is that even if you are married and flirting something special can happen and a connection can be made that only lasts one night. I’ve found this especially doable with online cougars, but everyone has their own fancy.

One Night Stand

The first rule of the one night stand is to make sure you don’t know anything (if possible) about the person. Imagine that you just met a woman on the dance floor and you hit it off and go from there. Sure, you might actually be married and flirting online, or searching the web for online cougars, but either way: just try to have sex as fast as possible. My advice is to pick someone that seems low key and chill, because otherwise you risk having someone attached to you that will never let go. So the first rule is make it happen quickly with someone that is chill.

The second rule of the one night stand is don’t give out your phone number. Make arrangements for a one night stand on any one of the online dating sites you like to use. Keeping this distance will make it more exciting for you and her, and keep the relationship simple. You each want to have casual sex, and so you make that happen and that’s it.

A one night stand cannot turn into a casual sex relationship – that would break the rules of the one night stand. While no big deal if that’s what you want, but just be prepared for it to get less and less satisfying as you meet the same lady. There are thousands of online cougars in the UK with profiles on hundreds British dating sites, so there is no reason to get stuck with the same lady.

The third rule of the one night stand is to make sex happen. In order to make sex happen, you need to set the scene a little bit. Maybe get candles and scented things to make your bedroom that much more sensual. Or pick a hotel nearby to meet where you can rest in peace if you are into online cheating, for example. I like to go dancing with my random date before having a one night stand. That way we both get comfortable with each others bodies and imagine what it would be like to have sex together.

So these are some of the rules of a one night stand. When I was married and flirting with online cougars I had a lot of one night stands that turned into something other than that. The woman got my number because I gave it to her, and then they would not stop texting me for weeks after. I guess my last piece of advice when it comes to one night stands is to be clear up front about what you want. Nothing lingering, no expectations, and no prolonged online cheating. A one night stand means you will never get caught doing the deed, and isn’t that the point? Online dating keeps everyone pretty anonymous, so you probably won’t see the woman again if you don’t want to!