Hollywood Fitness: Motivations to keep a fit body

Hollywood Fitness

Hollywood FitnessOne of the ways in which the Hollywood stars is keeping in shape in by fasting. Fasting is a method that anyone can incorporate for weight loss! This can bring about the most effective results. This is not a recent phenomenon but is one of the oldest methods that were used to treat diseases. This was a strict routine followed by religious sects as well. It was primarily for healing and gaining a proper muscular system. This method became a fast spreading one with different religions taking it up and following them stringently. Fasting was also part of art and philosophy which emphasized the need to understand human beings and their nature.. This was the most common process through which poison and waste from the body was flushed out. The waste in the body would accumulate due to over eating and this was removed by fasting.

It’s a simple concept where if you over eat, you can use fasting as a method to fight off excess fat. There is no time made for exercise that is required for this sort of consumption. The scientific explanation for effective fasting is– the digestive system and other organs are over worked and the system works to remove the clogged with poisons and impurities. The functions of the digestive system also become fast and hence, the propensity to gain weight decreases. This also becomes the reason for preventing several internal diseases. This is a means of healing and a means of preventing more diseases to the body.

What you need to do is the opposite of what they are already doing so that they can prevent weight gain. So if you are eating a lot, it needs to be prevented right away by reducing consumption of food and hence, fast. This allows the other organs of the body to work its magic! Here, the organs work to flush out all the excess waste that has been accumulated due to the excessive food intake. The skins, kidney etc are given a chance to unload and expel all the waste that has been stored up in the system. Fasting, therefore, is not a negative process of hampering the body but a positive one which helps in purifying and cleaning the body from within. And it is a quick method. Every star does this before a big premier or an award show.