The Ultimate Cheating Affair with a Married Man Survival Guide

 If it is often said that we can’t choose who we fall in love with. Falling in love with a married man is nothing new. Although you are advised to search for an otherwise unattached man, sometimes things just happen. Some women simply like dating married men. They will search cheating affair sites like and start looking for married men to date. The odd choice of men non-withstanding, dating a married guy can be complicated. This is not a conventional relationship, so some rules are different. If you have made peace with the fact that you are seeing a married man, then you better know what you are getting into.affair with married man

You are only a play thing

When having a cheating affair with a married man, you better understand that you are just a Bradford play thing. The sooner you get this through your head; the best things will be for you in the long run. It may seem harsh, but it is also very true. A married man looking for an affair partner is essentially looking for a play thing. There is a certain rush that comes with cheating. Sneaking from work for an afternoon of uninterrupted passion, the late-night dirty talk, the weekend getaways, it is all a game to him. So he can’t seem to keep his hands off you. Don’t mistake this for undying love. He is not going to leave his family for you. Eventually, like all little boys, he will get tired of his toy. Enjoy it while it lasts. An affair is nothing to bank your future on.

His family will always come first

So he showers you with gifts, gives you his attention, tells you sweet nothings while you cuddle up at night. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are number one in his life. If he is any kind of real man, his family will always come first. He may complain endlessly about his wife, but in reality, he is not about to leave her. Being married comes with a certain social standing. You had better believed that he is not going to give this up. Not for you or anyone else. old man cheatingJust because he is stepping out on his wife doesn’t mean that she is any less important. Her needs will always come first, so get this in your mind from early on. Don’t be surprised when a cheating affair date has been abruptly canceled because he is taking his wife to a silly costume party. His family will always be the top priority. If he as to choose between his child’s play and a night out in Bradford with you, you probably already know which one he will choose.

He owes you nothing

Like mentioned earlier, you are just a play thing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking he owes you anything. He doesn’t owe you his money, his time, even his emotions. All these belong to his wife. If you know this, things will be much easier for you. You have no claim to him apart from the time that you spend together. If you want all these things, then by all means look for a single guy. As exciting as cheating affair relationships are, they have an expiry date. Don’t get too attached, you don’t know when it is going to all come tumbling down. He may genuinely love you, but don’t think for a minute that he is going to do anything about it. The moment you want to get serious, be sure that he is going to run for the hills.

You can never replace his wife

Just because he is having an affair in Bradford doesn’t mean that he has fallen out of love with his wife. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are the woman who can finally make him happy. Men trapped even in the worst of relationships are still in love with their wives, and will rarely opt for divorce. Men are also very sentimental about their wives. guy with womenGet it in your head that you are not going to replace his wife no matter what he tells you. You should know that less than 5% of men actually leave their wives for their cheating partner. Now that you know the odds are deeply against you, adjust your expectations accordingly. Another thing that you probably need to know is that he is most likely still sleeping with his wife. Don’t always accept what he tells you about his home bedroom matters. He will hardly brag to you about this morning’s hot session in the shower with the wife. Keep these things in mind and close to your heart if you are having a cheating affair with a married partner.

You will always be his dirty little secret

The affair is steamy and exciting in the beginning. You simply can seem to get out of the hotel room. You spend the weekend cuddled up locked away from the rest of the world. You think this must be true passion. Wrong. The reason why you are not leaving the hotel room is because you can’t. He cannot be seen with you! Should you decide to have a cheating affair with a married man, you had better made peace with the fact that you will always be hidden away. If you do go out on dates, it will probably be on the opposite side of Bradford where he is unlikely to run into anyone he knows. You will always be hidden away in dimly lit nightclubs and dark movie halls. You will never know the joys of walking in the local park arm in arm, or spending lazy Sunday afternoon’s shopping and sharing smooches. You will never be introduced to his friends; he will never tell anyone about you and most of all, you will never meet any member of his family.

Your social lives will never mix

Some of the perks of being in a relationship with someone you like are that you can show them off to your friends. You can tell cute stories about the things he does and goes on for hours about him. When dating a married man, on the other hand, you will never know these pleasures. You will never go out with his friends, enjoy a double date with a friendly couple or go to the same public places. Your social life and his will be completely separate, never mixing. Being the other woman is hard, you cannot share his world, and he cannot share yours. Ultimately, the only thing that is keeping you together is the sex.

Know how to have a cheating affair with a married man

These are the realities of having a cheating affair with a married man. If it sounds like too much to handle, then you are probably better off looking for companionship elsewhere. Cheating may just not be for you. If you are willing to accept all this, on the other hand, go for it. If you feel you can’t be without him, then by all means do your thing. Only be sure to keep these things in mind. You may try to convince yourself otherwise, but these truths hold firm.