Caught Cheating? Now What?

cheating onlineWhat Happens When You Are Caught Cheating

I’ve been there before when I was caught cheating. I had signed up on a hookup site after my good friend recommended it to me. It seemed to be a pretty good online affairs site, because it was really easy to meet stunning single ladies in Newcastle-Maitland that wanted to meet me. Anyways, I got seduced, and one night my wife found all my emails. I was caught cheating, and I had to accept my actions and move on. It’s not an easy process, and I don’t pretend to know if it’s better to stay with your wife or to move on. All I know is that if you are having marital issues and you get caught having a casual affair, there are a number of different steps that you should go through with your partner to help them through it.

Caught Cheating

There are literally so many hookup dating sites and live cam sites out there that if you are having marital issues I don’t blame you for exploring. However, you just need to be upfront with your partner about what you want to do, and how you want to do it. You need better communication channels to share how you are really feeling. That’s a problem in a lot of marriages – it certainly was the problem in mine.

Caught Cheating Step 1: Stop Cheating

So the first thing you need to do is stop cheating!

It might sound easy, but it’s not. She found out, and you need to give her your respect. The cancelation fees are not very steep on some online affair sites, and it’s definitely worth the price if you want to salvage your marriage. She will be on serious lockdown mode so don’t pretend you will be able to get away with any silly business anymore.

Caught Cheating Step 2: Apologize

This is a no brainer, but you have to really mean it. She can tell if you really mean it, so make sure it’s as sincere as can be. The fact that you did not tell her about it before is going to hurt. You have really stunted her pride and confidence, so be prepared to sit with her and let her take some time to process what you have done. I guess you should also realize that a casual affair on some hook up site actually does have serious ramifications. All you need to do is think about what it would feel like if she had cheated on you. Would you be able to look her in the eyes again? Would you be able to love her? Probably not, so don’t be alarmed if she wants to end the marriage right there and then. That’s what happened to me, and quite frankly I’m happy it did. Newcastle-Maitland is a lot more exciting of a place to live since I’ve been single!

You have to know if know is the time to say: it’s over. Some marital issues are so deep that they will never come to resolution. Is that the position you are in? Maybe ask some friends to see what they recommend. Either way, say sorry and mourn with her for as long as it takes.

Give Her Space

If I were you I would go away to be alone somewhere for a little bit. She will definitely want to be alone, and if she does not demand you leave she will probably want you to. Just for a couple of days until she calms down a little bit. Beyond just space, she might demand that you seek professional help. Is that something you are willing to put up with? Personally, I didn’t accept my wife’s’ demand for me to get professional help. She said if I got help then we could stay together. I said no, I’m just fine with my hook up sites, thank you very much.

Casual Affairs

For guys sex is such a simple thing. It’s just an activity that you like to do with someone occasionally. There is very little about it that means anything deeper. Sure there is a connection every time you have sex, and sure it feels good to build a connection with someone for a long time. But doesn’t casual sex feel even better? Doesn’t it feel great to find someone on a hook up site and just go wild for the night? It sure does, and that’s why you have to figure out if you want to deal with marital issues anymore.

If you do want to salvage your marriage, you can be rest assured that there are great online affair sites for you to fall back on if things get tough between you and your partner again.